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 (Закінчення, поч. у попередньому номері)

(to) save the day - to prevent a disaster – врятувати становище
EXAMPLE: The Christmas tree was on fire, but Ted threw water on it and saved the day.
(as) sharp as a tack - very intelligent – гострий розум
EXAMPLE: Jay scored 100% on his science test. He's as sharp as a tack.
(to) talk over - to discuss – детально обговорити щось; обговорити всі деталі
EXAMPLE: Jim and I spent hours talking over the details of the plan.
top dollar - the highest end of a price range; a lot of money – ціна до стелі; максимально висока ціна
EXAMPLE: Nicole paid top dollar for a pair of jeans at Banana Republic.

Fill in the blank with the missing word:
1) I can't believe you bought a couch at Honest Abe's. Everything in that store costs an arm and a … .
a) foot b) leg c) hand
2) After Bob found out that his advertising campaign failed, he wanted to go back to the drawing … .
a) board b) table c) room
3) When somebody isn't listening to you, there's no … in trying to argue with them.
a) edge b) tip c) point
4) Jeff is really smart. He's as sharp as a …. .
a) tack b) nail c) screw
5) The salespeople at Honest Abe's always look angry and never speak to anybody. No wonder they … Bob the creeps.
a) take b) give с) allow
6) Bob got fired. He isn't looking forward to …. the news to his family.
a) breaking b) cracking c) saying
7) Bob thought his new advertisements would bring in lots of customers and save the …. .
a) morning b) night c) day
8) Fortunately, Bob no longer has to put … with his stupid boss at the furniture store.
a) over b) in c) up

Lesson 2. Bоb returns номе with bad news
Bob tells his wife Susan that he lost his job. Susan suggests that he start his own business.
Біб повідомляє своїй дружині Сьюзан про те, що він втратив роботу. Сьюзан пропонує йому відкрити свою справу.
Susan: What's the matter, dear?
Bob: Susan, I got canned today at work.
Susan: But Bob, you were Peter's right-hand man!
Bob: Yes, and he stabbed me in the back.
Susan: Keep your chin up. Maybe he'll change his mind and take you back.
Bob: When pigs fly! Once he makes up his mind, he never changes it. Besides, I told him off.
Susan: Look on the bright side: you won't have to set eyes on Peter ever again.
Bob: Thank goodness for that!
Susan: Hang in there. I'm sure you won't be out of work for long.
Bob: In the meantime, we'll have to live from hand to mouth.
Susan: Don't get too stressed out, Bob. We'll make ends meet.
Bob: I can always get a job at McDonald's as a last resort.
Susan: I don't think they're hiring right now.
Bob: If worse comes to worst, we can sell our home and move into a tent.
Susan: Let's think big! Maybe you can start your own business.
Bob: Easier said than done!

(to) change one's mind - to after one's opinion or decision – передумати; змінити свою думку або рішення
EXAMPLE: Alan wasn't going to take a vacation this year, but then he changed his mind and went to Bora Bora for two weeks.
easier said than done - more difficult than you think – легко говориться, але непросто робиться; легко говорити
EXAMPLE: Moving into a new home is easier said than done.
(to) get canned [slang] - to lose one's job; to get fired – втратити роботу; бути звільненим; залишитися без роботи
EXAMPLE: After Chris got canned, it took him a year to find a new job.
SYNONYMS: to get sacked; to be given the ax
(to) hang in there - to persevere; to not give up – не здаватися; не падати духом
EXAMPLE: I know you're four games behind, but you can still win the tennis match. Just hang in there!
if worse comes to worst -in the worst case – якщо все піде гірше нема куди; якщо трапиться найгірше;
якщо все піде геть погано; у гіршому варіанті
EXAMPLE: Ted's car isn't running well. If worse comes to worst, he can take the bus to school.
NOTE: Зустрічається також варіант «if worst comes to worst».
(to) keep one's chin up - to stay positive – не падати духом; бути оптимістом
EXAMPLE: Even when times are tough, Bill manages to keep his chin up.
last resort - if there are no other alternatives left; the last solution for getting out of a difficulty – як останній засіб; у крайньому випадку
EXAMPLE: Paul was locked out of his house. He knew that as a last resort, he could always break a window.
(to) live from hand to mouth - to barely have enough money to survive – перебиватися із хліба на воду; ледь зводити кінці з кінцями
EXAMPLE: Jenny was earning $5 an hour at McDonald's. She was really living from hand to mouth.
(to) look on the bright side - to be optimistic; to think about the positive part – дивитися на речі позитивно; бачити у всім свої плюси або позитивні сторони
EXAMPLE: Dan was upset that his soccer game was canceled. His mother said, "Look on the bright side, now you can stay home and watch TV."
(to) make ends meet - to manage one's money so as to have enough to live on – зводити кінці з кінцями
EXAMPLE: Kathy wasn't able to make ends meet so she had to ask her parents to pay her rent.
(to) make up one's mind - see Lesson 1
out of work - unemployed; not working – без роботи; безробітний
EXAMPLE: Gary was out of work for six months before finding a new job.
right-hand man - the most helpful assistant or employee – права рука; незамінний помічник
EXAMPLE: Rick's right-hand man helps him make all his decisions.
NOTE: Існує також вираз " right-hand woman," коли мова йде про жінку; " right-hand man" вживають частіше.
(to) set eyes on - to look at — кинути оком на; зупинити погляд на; подивитися на
EXAMPLE: Ted was in love from the moment he set eyes on Amber.
(to) stab someone in the back - to betray someone – нанести (зрадницький) удар у спину; зрадити когось
EXAMPLE: Jill and Heather were friends, until Heather stabbed Jill in the back by stealing her boyfriend.
(to be) stressed out - under severe strain; very anxious – божеволіти; нервувати; бути в стресовому стані
EXAMPLE: Joe is so stressed out about his job that he can't sleep at night.
(to) tell off - to scold; to tell someone in strong words what one really thinks – полаятися; вичитати когось; сказати все, що думаєш
EXAMPLE: When Ted arrived a half hour late, his teacher really told him off.
SYNONYM: to give someone a piece of one's mind
thank goodness - I'm grateful; I'm relieved – Слава Богу! Яке щастя!
EXAMPLE: When Ted came home at 4 a.m. last Sunday, his mother said, "Thank goodness you're home! I was so worried about you."
SYNONYMS: thank God; thank heaven
(to) think big - to set high goals – ставити перед собою високі цілі; мислити масштабно
EXAMPLE: Why run for Governor of New York? Think big: run for President of the United States!
What's the matter? - What's the problem? – У чому справа? Що трапилося? У чому проблема?
EXAMPLE: What's the matter, Bob? You don't look very happy.
SYNONYM: What's wrong?
when pigs fly [slang] – never – коли рак на горі свисне; після дощику в четвер; ніколи
EXAMPLE: Will Ted teach Nicole how to play the guitar? When pigs fly!
SYNONYMS: when hell freezes over; never in a million years




Fill in the blank with the missing word:
1) What's the … ? You look upset.
a) situation b) issue c) matter
2) I know I can trust you. You would never stab me in the …
a) leg b) back c) arm
3) If Bob and Susan run out of money, they can always borrow money from Susan's sister as a … resort.
a) final b) first c) last
4) You look really stressed… . Why don't you sit down, relax, and have a cup of tea?
a) about b) in c) out
5) Bob, everything will be fine. You just need to keep your chin … and remember that tomorrow is another day.
a) up b) down c) above
6) I just can't make up my … whether to order chicken or fish.
a) head b) brain c) mind
7) Nicole accidentally stepped on Ted's guitar. Ted got really angry and told her …. .
a) off b) out c) away
8) Your husband left you for his psychologist? Hang … there! I'm sure he'll realize she's crazy and then come back to you.
a) up b) in c) out

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