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English \ Culture \ Moscow put up for auction Medal from the era of Simon Petlyura

How did this medal come to be in Russia? Who owns it? Is Ukraine concerned?

Order of the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR) period of civil war "Order of Knights of the Iron Cross Ukrainian People's Army" since Simon Petlyura will be exhibited November 14 in eight trading «Octava», to be held in a Moscow hotel «Marriott Royal Aurora».

This UNIAN reported organizers - the auction house "Знакъ."

Order of the UNR will be presented in the "Awards of White movement and emigration." It is very rare award - this rarity never exhibited at any Russian auction, at the "Знакъ". It has been sold once before. The first medal was sold in May 2008 for 1 million rubles. (about 34 thousand dollars)..

Top-lead the section as "Medals" and the whole auction is a set of the Order of St Andrew. It is the highest, rarest and most expensive prize imperial Russia. First presented as a complete set of Russian auctions, it has a starting price of 30 million rubles. (about 1 million dollars)..

Results will be billed 407 lots.

View lots will be on peredauktsionniy exhibition, which opens October 26 and will run until November 13 office and 14 November from 9.00 to 11.30 review the collection will be organized in hotel "Marriott Royal Aurora", which will be held at 12.00 auction.

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