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English \ Culture \ How Putin exploits Taras Bulba film for exerting colonial control of Ukraine?
April 15,2009 What is the message conveyed by the film? There are to main components of the message: [ 1] Russia is capable of producing a spectable given sufficient time and expense resources plus a star performer -- in the person of a Ukrainian Bohdan Stupka -- appearing in the main role [ 2] As a former colonial power, Russia still cannot resist the urge of leading a pack of Slavs stupid enough to believe in the defunct and discredited idea of Panslavism.

Taras Bulba was a XVI th century Cossack character residing in the imaginaton of Nikolai Hohol who happened to to be a prolific writer residing in the XVIII th century Ukraine which at the time formed a part of Russian Empire. As a loyal subject of the ruling tsar, Hohol opted to write in Russian and ,thus, escaped all political harassment. It is widely known that the tharist colonial rule frowned upon the use of Ukrainan language. Hohol's contemporary Taras Shevchenko -- the noted Bard of Ukraine -- on the other hand opted to write imostly in Ukrainian and ,thus,was not spared official intimidations leading to his banishment from Ukraine .

The recently premiered film Taras Bulba of Russian production took three years in the making and the nere anticipation of its appearance had buoyoed Putin a year ago --while attending the Bucharest NATO Summit -- to proclaim Ukraine a "concocted nation". The rest is history as the beguiled Old Europe colluded with Putin's desires in denying Ukraine the NATO MAP [Membership Action Plan] status.despite Washington's blessing.

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