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English \ Culture \ Ukrainian pysanky at International House
The Kule Centre for Ukrainian and Canadian Folklore and International House at the University of Alberta sponsored their second workshop for students from around the world on Wednesday, March 18. The workshop was arranged by Ukrainian Folklore Program graduate student and International House resident Huseyin Oylupinar. Students from China, Iran, Turkey, India, Poland, Ukraine, Brazil and other countries enjoyed soft drinks, fruit, and cookies while they watched Slavko Novytsky's classic pysanka film. After watching the film, Natalie Kononenko, Kule Chair of Ukrainian Ethnography, talked about the tradition of pysanky and some of the technical aspects of pysanka writing. The students then began work on their own eggs under the direction of Kononenko, Dr. Peter Holloway, and a group of volunteer assistants including Yanina Vihovska, Svitlana Kukharenko, Genia Boivin, and Greg Holloway. Beautiful eggs and happy students were the result. Most of the decorated eggs had traditional pysanka designs. Some students, however, chose innovative adaptations, adjusting their pysanky to incorporate designs and symbols from their home countries.

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