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English \ Culture \ New York: Easter eggs and baskets at the Museum
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In Full Bloom: The Pysanky of Folk Artist Iryna Bilianska...

Using as her prototype the traditional pysanky of her native Sokal region in western Ukraine, characterized by multi-colored floral motifs, Bilianska developed an original style that included certain elements of Sokal embroidery. Her pysanky have predominantly floral motifs that cover the entire surface of the egg, freestyle. In some cases, bands of geometric motifs are intertwined with the florals. She often includes citations from Scripture about Easter and the Resurrection, and adds the Ukrainian national emblem -- the Trident.

Bilianska was discovered by Professor Damian Horniatkewych (1892-1980) in the 1920s. Professor Horniatkewych was a painter, art scholar, professor of art history, and collector of Ukrainian fine and folk art who amassed a sizeable collection of Bilianska's pysanky before fleeing Ukraine during World War II and eventually settling in Canada. Professor Horniatkewych's son, Andrij Hornjatkevy, donated the pysanky, along with other items, to the Museum in May 2008.

In Full Bloom includes 82 of Iryna Bilianska's pysanky, as well as five traditional Sokal embroidered shirts from the Museum's collection. The exhibition was organized by Lubow Wolynetz, curator of the Museum's folk art collection.

...or see what's on sale in the Museum's Gift Shop

Gift Shop

A wide variety of exquisite pysanky, at prices to suit every budget, will be available for sale -- just in time for Easter gift-giving or for your own Easter basket. If you're making your own pysanky, the Gift Shop stocks all the necessary supplies (kistky, wax, egg dyes), as well as books and other references for pysanka designs.



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Futurism and After: David Burliuk, 1882-1967
closing Sunday, April 5

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The Ukrainian Museum was founded in 1976
by the Ukrainian National Women's League of America.

The Museum's programs are funded in part by the
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