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English \ Culture \ Ukrainian Film Club - Maty Machukha (in Ukrainian) & Nash Lviv (English subtitles)

The Ukrainian Film Club proudly announces the premiere showing of "Maty Machukha" and "Nash Lviv" in Toronto


(In Ukrainian - no English subtitles)

(a documentary film by Yulia Tymoshenko)

"MATY MATCHUKHA" (МАТИ МАЧУХА)  a documentary film scripted, produced and presented on camera by Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's present Prime Minister is a heart rending story of the illegal immigrants from Ukraine who live in Napoli, in Italy. These are the people who do all the back breaking work on construction, look after the old and infirm Italians, as waiters, bakery helpers and perform other menial tasks which the Italian refuse to do.

They often work eighteen hours per day, leaving them only few precious hours for sleeping. They scrounge and save to send money back to their relatives in Ukraine . Without this help their families back in Ukraine simply could not survive.

Though the Italians give them the opportunity to earn a wage, for which these illegal immigrants are grateful, these immigrants simply have no normal life of their own, except work, work, and work just to survive....up to 3,000,000 of them.

Living in a strange land and an alien culture with little or no knowledge of the Italian language, their adaptability is difficult, to say the least. From day to day, they survive under most horrendous working conditions and emotional stress while dissociated from their close families. Mothers especially bear the deep pain of separation from their children. If only they could see them - at least from time to time ... but they cannot.  They are illegal immigrants who would no be permitted to return back to their jobs in Italy , because they are working illegally in Italy .

"MATY MATCHUKHA" (МАТИ МАЧУХА)   is a moving and heart rending story of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. You may know such people in Canada or Ukraine . They may even be your neighbors.

View video clip here:



 (A documentary about a great city!)

Narrated by Bohdan Stupka

In Ukrainian with English subtitles

Ah!...some say that Lviv is the epicenter of European culture in Ukraine . A gorgeous and most beautiful city with narrow cobblestone streets, the famous coffee bars, a world class opera house, theaters, glorious churches and much more.  It is a city steeped in centuries of ancient history. It is a city for people to LIVE, work, create and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this glorious city!  All this and more in the film: NASH LVIV (НАШ ЛЬВІВ)!

View video clip here:

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