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У фокусі – Америка \ Maria Pappas: Stay home! Everything you can do at my office you can do at

Офіс скарбника округу Cook Марії Паппас наполегливо просить громадян залишатися вдомаі здійснювати всі податкові виплати на сайті

Homeowners and business people can avoid a trip downtown by taking care of their property taxes at, including making payments, searching for refunds and verifying tax exemptions, Treasurer Maria Pappas said today.

“Stay home!” Pappas said. “Millions of people are still staying home and you should, too. Homeowners and business people can conduct all their business on my website.”

The Second Installment is due August 3, but property owners can pay without any interest charge through October 1, 2020, thanks to an ordinance urged by Pappas and passed by the Board of Commissioners. Partial payments are accepted.

In addition to making a payment, property owners may use to:

  • Search $75 million in available refunds going back 20 years
  • Apply for a refund
  • See if you are missing out on $34 million in senior exemptions
  • Download a copy of your tax bill
  • Update your mailing address
  • Submit a question, along with supporting documents
  • Check the status of a pending refund
  • Find out if your property is on the delinquent Tax Sale list

Just enter your address. A Property Identification Number (PIN) is not required.

Any balance due after October 1 will be charged 1.5 percent per month, as required by law.

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