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English \ CVU: election results prove, that the formal implementation of quotas is not enough to ensure equal opportunities for candidates
Committee of voters of Ukraine analysed election results to city councils of Kyiv city and cities-oblast centres.

According to the data of 19 city councils for which official results are already published, 190 women deputies and 842 men deputies were elected. Thus, the average representation of women in city councils is 18.4%.

The highest level of women's representation was reached in Chernihiv city council – 33.3%. 14 of 42 newly elected deputies of the council are women. The level of representation of women in Lviv city council reached 25%, 16 of 64 newly elected deputies are women.

The lowest representation of women is registered in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad city councils (9.5%) and in the city council of Uzhgorod (8.3%). Among 36 deputies of Uzhgorod city council, only 3 are women.

The data can still change if some deputies withdraw from a mandate due to the simultaneous election for mayor or to the council of other level.

This result does not correspond to representation of women among candidates for city councils at the level of 32.1%. Women candidates had lower chances to be elected than men candidates.

11 (or 5.8%) out of 190 women deputies elected according to the election results were the leaders of party lists.

In previous statements on the interim results of gender monitoring CVU called attention to disproportionate financial and organizational support of campaigns for women candidates from the political parties, the lack of women's representation in parties leadership at local and central level, as well as to disproportionate representation of women among the leaders of the lists that are guaranteed to get the mandate in case the party overcomes the 5% threshold.

Committee of Voters of Ukraine emphasises that the formal implementation of quotas in the registration of lists of candidates is not enough to ensure equal opportunities for women to participate in political life. Proportional financial and organizational support from the political parties is also required to ensure equal opportunities for women candidates to be elected.

CVU calls political parties to be more open to involving women in the governing bodies of the party at the central level and in local branches. The active participation of women in internal party activities will contribute to broader women representation in local councils.

The Gender monitoring is conducted in framework of CVU activity “Gender monitoring and promotion of de-facto gender equality at 2015 local elections in Ukraine” with support of the Council of Europe. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the Council of Europe.



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