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English \ Politics \ MBA in Agriculture Launched at Kyiv Mohyla Business School
Kyiv Mohyla Business School launched Ukraine's only MBA program focused on the needs and characteristics of corporate governance and management of the agricultural sector.  Food and agribusiness relate to one of the largest industries in Ukraine and in the world.  The program aims to prepare Ukraine’s executives and managers in the agricultural sector to successfully lead in today's complex food and agribusiness marketplace, and to promote general business management expertise, as well as industry-specific knowledge.
Svetlana Horbenko was appointed as the new Director of the MBA Program in Agribusiness. The program will include a study of food and agribusiness systems, management problems, consumer trends, technological advances, public policy issues, food safety, and risk management.
Svetlana Horbenko, Director of the MBA in Agribusiness Program, has executive experience in agricultural companies and in public management of the agriculture sector. She served as Head of the Kherson Oblast National Administration Department of Agriculture.  Ms. Horbenko is a graduate of the Presidents' MBA program at kmbs.  She graduated from Kherson National Technical University with a degree in Biology and Chemistry in 1994 and in Finance in 2000. 
Alexander Savruk, Dean of Kyiv Mohyla Business School, commented, "This is the first such program in Ukraine, a country that has long been known in the world as one of the most powerful players in the agricultural market.  We look forward to the next two years when the group of these unique individuals will graduate and will join the many kmbs MBA alumni, who will continue the visionary and professional traditions of our school.”
Press Office of Kyiv Mohyla Foundation

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